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2010 Drake Interview at Blackberry Torch Live

2010 Drake Interview at Blackberry Torch Live

2010 Drake Interview at Blackberry Torch Live – SO Why does Drake love his blackberry Touch so much? Let his tell you him self as Drake brakes it all down from his upcoming R and B mixtape (which will be released for free) to his upcoming album. And finally drakes infatuation with using black berry phones. Watch the Drake Interview at Blackberry Torch Live below.

2010 Drake Interview at Blackberry Torch Live – Drake speaks about his upcoming R&B mixtape and sophomore album and performs “Over” at the BlackBerry Torch launch party in Los Angeles on August 11, 2010.

(4 years ago)

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  6. nahimnot says:

    my favorite rapper straight up. i think he needs to work more on his performances though. keep it up drake!

  7. @lettherebedance i would have to say chris because he has been in the music business since he was really young but Drake has had some pretty good success with his music career lately… But this is just in my opinion i, it's debatable on who is more popular

  8. JSJ07 says:


  9. dizzyb230 says:

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  12. aeroces7 says:

    drake R&B =rhythm and blackberry lol

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  16. jairox34 says:

    I Love Drake..and he gorgoues smile :)

  17. Igetsitin89 says:

    @dizzyb230 ha u mad lmao huh ? its the internet its everybody business once u comment dumass

  18. xDollELove says:

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