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2010 Trey Songz Interview about being Bisexual

2010 Trey Songz Interview about being Bisexual

Trey Songz Interview about being Bisexual – New 2010 Trey Songz Interview – Address Gay Rumors and Breaking up Toni Braxtons Marriage. Watch the 2010 Trey Songz Interview about being Bisexual below.

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(1282 days ago)

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  1. NoeL says:

    I think sometimes in the entertainment industry to get rich & famous you have to sell ur soul? And that’s just one of the ways of doing it. Too bad…….

  2. Soultrenyc says:

    all of these guys are possessed by homosexual demons. you fans need to worship the most high and open your bibles

  3. Wiliams_diamond97 says:

    you to cute to be gay u must be out of your mind you just dont know

  4. Cupcake says:

    as straight as a curve
    haha just kidding

  5. it didnt say anything about him being bi wtf ….. well at least hes straight thank god

  6. Nash Kiki says:

    i wnt to fuck trey songzzzzzzzzzzz hell yeah

  7. Patricebourne16 says:

    trey songz yhu is tew damn fine tew be a bisexual yhu should bhe ashamed of yhur self honestly real tlk…

    • KeeseFucknDaddy says:

      Bitch u sound stupid your saying “A” bisexual like Wat the fuck does that mean ? I suggest you shut the fuck up , write something relevant or get the fuck off the Internet wit that stupid bullshit. Judging people. Do you have any idea that 15% of the people you know are most likely in the closet about their sexuality because of dumb Mothafuckers like you!! Now you soak that in and think about what you said bitch because im ready to tear you to mothafuckin shreds!

    • deedee says:

      wtf bitch he just said he isnt bisexual ..

      where you watching the same shit i was watching

    • meemee says:

      umm did you complete high school if not go back

  8. Proactcert says:

    Dayummmmmmmmm! Sexxxi lolz!

  9. Albershiab says:

    very surprising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Chandriahill says:

    shiiiiiiit i think most of all the danm rappers are trading, like lil wayne, why yo ass so big. and tray songz u just got gay written all over your smile. neyo u dance like a punck, i hated u sience u ranned from me in gainesville fl an i was only 13 by my self! drake had to suck lil wayne dick to get back on da young money crew for fuckin his lady wile he was locked up. yaaaah i know all about yall. and its more dont have time to speek on them all.

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