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Amber Rose : What Nationality is She?

Amber Rose What Nationality is She

Amber Rose : What Nationality is She?

Amber Rose’s Mother is Cape Verdean (Cape Verde is a 10 island country, located in the central Atlantic Ocean, about 354 miles off the coast of Western Africa. Most of the people in speak a Portuguese-based Creole dialect called Kriolu – Wiki) and Amber Rose’s father is Half Italian (Italy is a unitary parliamentary republic in south-central Europe. – Wiki) and Half Irish (Ireland is an island to the northwest of continental Europe. – Wiki) . . . SO Amber Rose Nationality is half West African / Islander, Twenty-Five Percent Italian and Twenty-Five Percent Irish (or Half European) but at the end of the day Amber doesn’t have a nationality, she isn’t black or African American, she isn’t Dominican, she isn’t white. Amber Rose is the same nationality as me . . . an ALL American MUTT!!!! Amber is still an exotic goddess!

Amber Rose admits her bi-racial Nationality in an interview with Hot 97 below. Enjoy!

(3 years ago)

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