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Kid Cudi x Dot Da Genius Cover Complex Magazine

Kid Cudi x Dot Da Genius Cover Complex Magazine

In celebration of Kid Cudi and Dot da Genius’ new collaborative LP ‘WZRD,’ the duo are floating on the digital cover of Complex magazine. The album is Cudi’s passion project and a musical departure from his previous sounds on his ‘Man of the Moon’ albums.

This also marks the fourth time Cudi has been featured on the cover of Complex and his first digital one with his collaborative partner, ‘Day ‘n’ Nite’ producer Dot da Genius. The ingenious animate cover features the duo levitating in the California desert.

In the online cover story titled ‘Band of Brothers,’ Cudi talks about his friendship with Dot da Genius, the state of hip-hop, fatherhood, his Pink Floyd tattoo and inspiration behind his rock-inspired album ‘WZRD.’

“I just want to rock and roll. I think rock and roll has been like, low-key, man,” he says about the album. “There’s been some really good bands out there, but rock is almost like the underground s— now. It’s like mainstream s—, pop-culture, is all hip-hop. Hip-hop is pop now. So it’s not like the ’90s, when rock and roll was everywhere, and it was like, mainstream s—. When you watched an award show, it was mainly rock bands, and the hip-hop section was very small.”

Cudi also feels that hip-hop has lost its edge and has become saturated with rap songs about money, swag and big booty girls. “I’m just saying people don’t really even try, man. They don’t try to push themselves as artists,” he explains. “Hip-hop is a really lucrative business. A lot of people get into it to make money and ain’t nothing wrong with that either. It’s a positive business venture. Why not? But at the same time, that’s all music has turned into. The artistry is lost in the cracks. You have to search for it. You have to really look and dig deep — and that’s the kids that are online, looking at websites and blogs for new music. It’s really intense, and I wish that more of the music that’s under the radar would be brought to the forefront.”

Cudi adds, “Music is a very powerful medium, and you could really use it for some good, and affect a lot of people in a really, really positive way and save lives. I’ve had my share of raps and talking my s— —and you’re probably still going to hear me laying down raps, talking my shit. But at the end of the day, when you think of Kid Cudi, you know the basis of my shit, my whole theme is telling my tale and inspiring people and helping people.”

As far as the group WZRD, Cudi and Dot da Genius say they will continue to make albums as long as it’s humanly possible. “WZRD is forever,” says Cudi. “I’m about to be doing this s— forever. I felt so alive working on this project, man. It was so awesome. Hip-hop will stress you out, man. It’s just so stressful.”

Kid Cudi and Dot da Genius’ new album ‘WZRD’ will hit stores today, (Feb. 28).


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