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Maemo vs Android – Nokia N900 vs Nexus One Review

Maemo vs Android

[QUOTE=Gucko;7355627]I think any Android device should be the openest phone, right?[/QUOTE]

aaaaaant . . .  WRONG!!!!!

FACT - Although the Android OS is based on Linux any and all Android devices that you can purchase on the mainstream market (aka HTC G1,MY TOUCH, DROID, NEXUS ONE ect) are locked by default and you the owner and user of the device are not given root access.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? - You know all the cool SUDO commands (you know those things you type into the terminal to fix problems and install cool hacks and apps that didn’t make it into the Ubuntu App store yet?)

Yea those will not work on any Android/Linux OS device without major alterations (aka rooting or jail breaking the device)

That is why Firefox’s mobile web browser “Fennec” is not available for any Android device despite the fact that it is Linux compatible and can even run on any Ubuntu desktop.

When you buy a Nokia N900 your Maemo/Linux OS is rooted by default which means you can run and install virtually any APP you can get your hands on.

Their is even Pidgin for Maemo OS (in case you didn’t know Pidgin is an instant messaging client that allows you to manage multiple services at once – Everything from AIM to MSN – Grab it for FREE from the Ubuntu App store or at http://www.pidgin.im/)

FACT - Although Google claims that the Android OS is “Open Source” that did not stop Google’s Lawyers from sending a “cease and desist” Letter to Android developer Cyanogen.

Cyanogen is one of the leading “INDEPENDENT” (aka not employed by Google and working solely to inprove the android OS for FREE) developers who contributes DISTROS (distributions of the OS or ROMS as they are call in the mobile world) of the Android OS custom built to make your Android Devices Work and Perform at it’s BEST. Cyanogen Mod is easily the most popular custom Android rom with over 30,000 active users.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? - While Google’s Legal claims where over stock apps such as G-Mail and the Android App Download Center, this brings Google Inc’s two-faced spirit of OPENNESS into the light of day. Simular to moves made my Apple with the iPhone – Google want to heavily control the applications you are able to run on your device. Worse than Apple they use the CLAIM of open source to get developers involved in fixing and finding bugs in the OS and creating FREE & OPEN SOURCE applications for the Android App Store, when in reality Google isn’t for openness – They are against it!

Their are plenty of reasons why you might find that the Android/Linux OS is better than Maemo aka seamlessly integrates with all of your Google Account Services (go figure) more apps in the app store, ect

Just as their are tons of reasons why you might find that the Maemo/Linux OS is better than Android aka built-in mobile Firefox,FULL in page Adobe FLASH 9 (not just a youtube APP), Two Camera’s for Skype Video Chatting, it’s a real computer in your pocket!!!

The point is that if Google Android is going to win the race for best mobile OS it is definitely not going to be for OPENNESS!!! I personally do not own a Nokia N900 but I have been reading up about it for the past couple of days and must say the high price tag is very tempting. I have owned a HTC G1 for the past year and Although I have found it extremely buggy when multi-tasking, I have been quite happy with it. I recently sold my G1 on ebay and I am on the Market for a Nokia N900.

(4 years ago)

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  1. Rolex President…

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  2. izle says:

    Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

  3. Your post, Maemo vs Android – Nokia N900 vs Nexus One Review was really content rich and straight forward for me to understand.

  4. Maemo Finatic says:

    Maemo 5 is recently waiting for PR1.2 update, described by me already. What comes to Android 2.0/2.1 codenamed Eclair? Among changes we can find Microsoft Exchage support or live wallpapers (what Maemo 5 already has available by installed applications) and many other UI changes what happens on every platform from time to time. Moreover from the very beginning Android is pretty tightly attached to google services, so you get full set of synchronization tools out of the box, what comes to N900 with a bit more configuration. One big advantage of Google’s system is the fact it’s already available on number of phones, while Maemo 5 resides only on N900 and it’s earlier versions only on internet tablets from nokia.

    So what’s better? From my point of view N900 and Maemo with it’s flexibility and nice progress in application development. Android is more closed and restricted, which is not my favorite.

  5. mrfresh says:

    Yes, Android is open source, but:

    * The android devices are all closed

    * Android is a "closed island". It based on Linux but completely different to the rest of Linux distros, applications.

    * Android requires modifications in the Linux kernel that are not pushed upstream [1]

    [1] http://www.kroah.com/log/linux/andro…-problems….

  6. mrfresh says:

    Are you a developer or a phone company? Android phones are more open for phone makers, but Android only runs Java applications (see usual java rant). Maemo is more open for developers, notably allowing native applications, which are being ported from Linux.

    I'd imagine all Android applicaitons will run on Maemo phones by the end of 2010 because Java runs under Maemo now and the Android runtime is being ported. I'm less sure that Maemo will be opened for other phone makers or if other phone makers will close it.

    I'd expect the steady state solutions will be :

    - Android will run the vast majority of smartphone models, giving buyers their fashion choice, thus breaking the iPhone's fashion monopoly, and eventually growing an enormous consumer development community. Andoird phones will benefit from numerous competing suppliers, thus making them cheaper.

    - Maemo will run all Android software plus higher power native professional software, like python, ruby, sql clients, spread sheets, latex, etc. I'd expect non-Android Java software will also run under Maemo, and the native VPNs, VoIP, skype, ssh, scp, gpg, etc. will all run faster under Maemo.

    I'd expect many professionals and businesses will choose Maemo for specific applications unavailable under Android, like VPNs, VoIP, python, ruby, etc. while consumers choose Android for price and looks.

    Android's Java runtime is sufficiently agnostic enough about mid level libraries that Nokia and Google _could_ actually unite their products, allowing Maemo native software to run on Android phones too, but who knows. :)

    • mrfresh says:

      I complety agree with you, Maemo has a lot of potential because of the Linux Kernel (aka Debian) and thus it will run all kind of applications. The only thing I hope is that the number of developers increases, until now the amount of apps running in Maemo 5 are very limited.

  7. mrfresh says:

    TiVo is also based on a linux kernel . . . that doesn't make it linux . . . android is about as linux as a Tivo . . . hahaha

  8. Bottomless says:

    Super post, Need to mark it on Digg

    Thank you


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  12. GotKIX? says:

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