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Melyssa Ford Body Paint Booty Pictures

Ms Melyssa Ford Body Paint Booty Photo Shot Pictures

"The conception of this photo came to me one day while hiking and Derek Blanks and Saisha Beecham, my makeup artist/body painter more than made it a reality, which their unimaginable talent and creative execution.All of us know what it feels like to have to “turn the other cheek” or “be the bigger person” or “turn a blind eye and ear to their critics and the nay-sayers”… I OVER-stand this concept, hence my visual interpretation of the reality: that we all hurt and are not immune to the pain caused by harsh judgment." Love, Melyssa

Melyssa Ford is trying to branch out into becaming more than a video vixen with week with here new expo Body Paint Photo Shot. Melyssa Ford is still hands down one of the most beautiful chicks on the planet. I have seen her in person and she looks even better.
Now I know there were some little spats going on Twitter about her extracurricular activities with married men but who am I to judge. Just enjoy this gorgeous woman who took time out to explain this artistic expression. Hit the Jump for more Pictures


Melyssa Ford 2009 Photoshoot Pictures

Melyssa Ford Body Paint Booty Pictures

(4 years ago)

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