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Nicki Minaj – Is that Booty Real or Fake?

Nicki Minaj booty is fake

Nicki Minaj and her over-sized booty has been the subject of a boatload of controversy every since the first Lady of Young Money appeared on the scheme with Lil Wayne her booty has seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. Is Nicki Minaj’s Booty Real or Fake? Some people have speculated that Nicki Minaj was wearing but pad or even that she had got booty implants! Other have associated Nicki’s booty’s growth to something as simple as Lil Wayne’s “Good Loving”.

Well this week after photo’s leaked of Nicki Minaj and her apprentice on 106 and Park to debut her new Music Video – Bigger than a Monster it is clear than she is wearing something on her booty. In the you-tube video below you can see the before and after effects and obviously tell that Nicki’s booty is getting bigger over time. Implants? Botox Injections? And why is she wearing that body suit under her dress on 106 and Park. Only Nicki Minaj, her self knows so I guess we will never know for sure but all these evidence sure does seem like the proof we need to at least say something isn’t right. You been the judge and leave your opinion in the comments below.

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  1. not a hater says:

    to fake but who ever lookin is a hatrer

  2. Gonzalezstacy88 says:

    dat ass is real

  3. kazia says:

    a black girls butt can grow and to all them men and ladies y youll in people besnus and y youll lookin at her butt

  4. ms.look at all dat ass says:

    her booty is fakker dan a mufucka i got a fat ass and its real i know how a real ass look and how it moves dat bitch booty never moves never.she dont need dat fake shit she pretty da way she is

  5. pretty gyrl swagg says:

    okayii first of all ha raps go ham (live) butd dat dnt mean she gotta be fake or nun lyke dat maybe ahe would have grown if she juzxx gave idt tyme so whadt ii have tuh say tuh all yall is dnt be fake be really happy width whadt god gave yhu

    im outtie its yhur gyrl witih that pretty gyrl swagg

    ~!@#$%^&*()pretty gyrl swagg~!@#$%^&*()

  6. kyisha says:

    yeahh she can rap budt she's fake nd who evahh said dhat is rite b/c if god wanted her to have all dhat he would have created her dhat wayy so she should have just been herself

  7. Illdoyoueveryday says:

    Sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy :]

  8. Shawn says:

    Bitch you sexy

  9. Lil bit #3 says:

    I don't really care about what ppl say about her all i kw is she can rap an she fine az hell i think dey need tu get off of NM's joc_she tryna get paid lyke evry1 else n da rap game but yeah i think her an drake should go out too if they havent yet..

  10. Kkkk says:

    the body suit nicki is wearing is called a gurtle. it flatens your stomach and it pulls in all the fat that yhu dont want people to see

  11. Jarnika says:

    mann i dont care what nobody say bout her ass or boobs she still fine hell im gay i love her and want her

  12. Alyssiawarren says:

    wow nicki you gotta lie bout yo booty and breast why dhoe yo music go hard n everythang but why you gotta lie fhoe brh?

  13. Alyssiawarren says:

    wow nicki you gotta lie bout yo booty and breast why dhoe yo music go hard n everythang but why you gotta lie fhoe brh?

  14. SoReal? says:

    Owhkay first of all every thingg about nicki is fake soo juss livee with it she is nasty ndd grimy . . . for in the bible it says that youu shall not changee yourself because it is how god madee youu ! Thiss girl also is gay so ummm now youu know so shuddupp ndd suck it upp !

  15. LEANN says:


  16. barbie says:

    stop hatin on my girl nicki minaj,she the cooolest, her rapping skills got her far, but one thing for sure is on stage she sounds terrible !!! fooo’show yahh digg ?, but on a cd or a music video she sound aiight ! i think her boobs is fake but not her ass !! ahahahahaha ! && is she dating drizzy drake ? idk but they would make a cute couple ! && wtf is up with her auu’ways touching her boobs ?? whaaat the hell is up with that, i was looking at her on youtube & i saw her doing that wtf ?, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy3qXYkKC8U,” rel=”nofollow”>,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy3qXYkKC8U, go to this site & you’ll see her always touching her boobs ! like omg! do that on you own time !

    nawwh but her music is hella fresh

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